Happy Mother’s Day!

This holiday is an incredible opportunity to show the mothers in your life how much you appreciate them – but due to the COVID-19 crisis, we may not be able to enjoy the brunches and special outings we’re used to.

While your celebrations may look a bit different this year, it’s still possible to treat Mom to something special – even if you can’t be there in person.

Here are our favorite activities for a socially distant Mother’s Day!

#1: Plan a Doorstep Care Package

It may not be safe to enter your parent’s home on Mother’s Day, even if you live down the street from each other. Avoid the risk of transmitting COVID-19 by planning a doorstep drop-off!

Put together a care package for your mom with a few of her favorite treats and destressing activities. Leave them on her doorstep with a kind card or note, and wish her a special day from a safe distance.

Fresh-baked muffins, candles and other spa accessories, and activities such as movies, coloring books, and craft sets can help bring a little bit of joy and fun for her special day.

If you usually enjoy a special breakfast or dinner on Mother’s Day, assemble the ingredients as part of your care package!

#2: Pre-Book a Spa Appointment

While many beauty salons and spas may be closed due to COVID-19, they still need revenue to continue to keep their doors open when the pandemic ends. Support a local small business and treat Mom to something special by pre-booking an appointment!

Find your Mom’s favorite nail salon, spa, or hairstylist and ask if they offer gift certificates or pre-booked appointments that you can pay for in advance. Surprise Mom with her gift by mailing her the physical certificate, or sending her a digital code.

#3: Support Local Small Businesses and Creatives

If beauty appointments aren’t your mom’s cup of tea, support local small businesses or artists by pre-booking other services or ordering custom products for your Mother’s Day gift!

Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

  • Does Mom have a beloved piece of art she hasn’t been able to frame? Call your local custom framing store and ask if you can pre-book this service.
  • Have a painting commissioned of your mother’s beloved pets or a favorite family photo.
  • Pre-purchase a night out on the town for Mom by finding gift certificates and vouchers for restaurants, coffee shops, bookstores, and other fun activities.

#4: Enjoy a Lengthy Video Call

Sometimes, Mom doesn’t just want fancy bath products or baked goods –  the best Mother’s Day gift is  quality time with loved ones. Thanks to modern technology, you can still spend time with your mother while maintaining social distancing.

Plan out an hour or two this Mother’s Day to check in with Mom and wish her well on her special day. You can use many free, popular video chatting apps to have your Mother’s Day celebration – from the built-in FaceTime and the tried and true Skype to Facebook and Snapchat’s video call features.

With these socially distant activities, you can keep your family safe and healthy while giving Mom the celebration she deserves.

Enjoy your Mother’s Day!